It’s A Fact That I’m The Best African Player Ever’ – Samuel Eto’o

Africa has produced extraordinary stars in the game of football for several decades that choosing who surpasses all could be a Herculean task.

That notwithstanding, Cameronian legend, Samuel Eto’o Fils believes he’s the best African player of all time without any shred of doubt.

“I don’t need to lay claim to anything, it’s just a fact. Whether you accept it or not, it’s a fact,” Eto who retired in September told AFP.

“When I look at where I came from and how far I got, I tell myself that I am entitled to be proud. That doesn’t mean I am big-headed, far from it. It is just that, in this world, people like puppets and I don’t accept being one.”

His claim could be hugely debated as there are a lot of criteria that can be used to assess the who the greatest player but if it’s strictly restricted to who has won more awards, both individually and with his team, then Samuel stands tall. 2 November 2019

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